Marvelous Marsha likes to stay fit by bicycling and by doing aerobics. She love sports and is the sort of woman who lives to get close to a man. She likes variety, and is fond of all different types of people, but she also really enjoys a guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to share it with his lady. She’s very proud of her sexy body and she knows that she has the curves that men find especially appealing. Marsha is just one of the incredible escorts available through Whether you are looking for an Anaheim escort or a Costa Mesa escort, and no matter for what social function or business venue you’d like to have beautiful female companionship, can provide you with the best experience in Orange County area. We provide you with beautiful girls who are happy to spend time with you and get to know you. Whether that’s Anaheim escorts or Costa Mesa escorts, is for you.


Age 23
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Marsha Marsha
Marsha Marsha

“When I say I like a guy who knows what he wants,” Marsha says, “I’m not saying he’s got to be especially dominant, or anything like that. People are different. Not all guys are born as natural leaders that way, but I think they all have that potential. An all it takes to bring out a guy’s full potential is just a little encouragement. How many men go through life never getting that? They get disrespected a lot. They get beat down by their bosses, by the women in their lives. How many men know what it’s like to just be mistreated and beaten down by the people who are supposed to like them and show them affection? You take a guy like that, you show him some affection and attention, you focus on him and make him feel important, and the greatest thing happens. He starts to feel good about himself and he gains his confidence back. And then, the more confident he is, the more he starts to know what he wants. He goes after what he desires. That’s a great thing, when you can bring that about in somebody.”

Marsha loves her sexy body and knows that her rear end is one of her most attractive features. She sees all men as divided into the usual categories, such as breast men and leg men and rear-end men, but she knows that deep down, all men like the whole package. “I like to think I have that whole package to offer,” she says. “Sometimes when I’m home I’ll just strip down and check myself out in the mirror. I love to be who I am, and I love to be sexy and carefree. I think men love a free spirit, and I’m happy to give that to them.”

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