Lovely Lyssa likes to take her dates out for fine dining. She prides herself on her ability to listen to her clients and get to know them as people. In this way, she sees what she does, as an Orange County escort, as almost like the same work a counselor or therapist does. She loves to help a man reduce his stress and anxiety, and believes that by doing this, she’s adding real value to the world. She’s a lovely soul who is defined by her kindness and friendliness. Lyssa is just one of the incredible escorts available through Whether you are looking for an Anaheim escort or a Costa Mesa escort, and no matter for what social function or business venue you’d like to have beautiful female companionship, can provide you with the best experience in Orange County area. We provide you with beautiful girls who are happy to spend time with you and get to know you. Whether that’s Anaheim escorts or Costa Mesa escorts, is for you.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Lyssa Lyssa
Lyssa Lyssa

“Today’s man is just absolutely overwhelmed with anxiety,” Lyssa explains. “He’s dealing with so much that is stressful. Now, I’m not singling men out completely. In our fast-paced world, women suffer too. But for some reason, we only sympathize with the women. Women have all these support systems and we’re always nice to them about their stress levels. We always seem to care about their needs. But guys are pretty much told to just deal with any issues they might have. They’re told to man up and be strong, but we never actually give them a chance for stress relief. In fact, when they do try to party, or go out with their buddies, and relieve their stress in their own ways, we then pick on them and tell them they need to grow up. The average guy in a relationship feels like he can’t go out and have a good time with his friends unless he gets his woman’s permission. Is that any way to treat a man? I’ve never thought so. I believe in helping to relieve a man’s stress. When he goes out with me, when he has fun with me, when we get to know each other, no matter what we’re doing, we have fun and I help ease his stress. Whether we go out on the town or stay home or at his hotel and just spend some time talking and getting to know one another, he’s going to be a lot more relaxed by the time we’re done. That’s the service that booking Costa Mesa escorts or Anaheim escorts brings you. It gives you a way to release and relax after a hard day.”

Lyssa is a firm believer that the stress-free recovery she offers a man is all the better because she truly enjoys what she does. “I think every guy can pick up on when you’re having a good time,” she explains. “That’s why I’m such a good escort.”