Gorgeous Gabbi loves to pose in lingerie and is very fond of her own picture. She is an admitted exhibitionist, as so many of her fellow Orange County escorts are, but she also has a big heart. She loves to help people and be friendly to them. She’s also very happy to know that if she’s not exactly what a man is looking for, there are so many other great Anaheim escorts and Costa Mesa escorts here on our pages that a client may choose from. That’s why we always point out that Gabbi is just one of the incredible escorts available through Whether you are looking for an Anaheim escort or a Costa Mesa escort, and no matter for what social function or business venue you’d like to have beautiful female companionship, can provide you with the best experience in Orange County area. We provide you with beautiful girls who are happy to spend time with you and get to know you. Whether that’s Anaheim escorts or Costa Mesa escorts, is for you.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Gabbi Gabbi
Gabbi Gabbi

“I admit it,” Gabbi says. “I get a little thrill knowing that my picture is up here at the website so that people can see it. I love knowing that men are looking at me and deciding that I turn them on. When a man finds me attractive, when he expresses his desire to spend time with me, that’s very exciting. That makes me very happy. And I don’t think there’s any better way for me to express my appreciation for that thrill than to be as cooperative and friendly as I can possibly be when I take a man out. Every man wants something different. Every man has different fantasies and preferences. A man who picks me over all the other gorgeous women here at, well, he’s saying that I’m the one that makes him happiest. I’m the one that turns him on the most. I’m the one he thinks is the best fit. How could you not be flattered by that? It’s nothing short of incredible, really, when you get picked. A man has his pick of all these beautiful women, and you’re the one he wants? There’s greater feeling than that, and it helps me bring a certain enthusiasm to my job as an Orange County escort.”

Gabbi is a very positive young lady who also believes the nude female form is a work of art. She says she spends lots of time admiring her own naked body when she’s home alone… and sometimes when she’s not alone. “You should take pride in who you are,” she says. “If you have a body like this, you should flaunt it. You should enjoy it. And you should let other people enjoy it, too. Come on down and let me show you what we can do for you. Book my time today, and I and my fellow escorts will thrill you, excite you, and treat you with the respect you deserve.”