Sumptuous Dusky is an avowed flirt who describes herself as a fun-loving, dynamic young lady. She likes to say that she can seduce a man from across the room with just the right look, and she’s also an exotic dancer who knows how to work a pole. In her spare time, she enjoys fast cars and considers herself something of an adrenaline junkie. Dusky is just one of the incredible escorts available through OrangeCountyBabes.com. Whether you are looking for an Anaheim escort or a Costa Mesa escort, and no matter for what social function or business venue you’d like to have beautiful female companionship, OrangeCountyBabes.com can provide you with the best experience in Orange County area. We provide you with beautiful girls who are happy to spend time with you and get to know you. Whether that’s Anaheim escorts or Costa Mesa escorts, OrangeCountyBabes.com is for you.


Age 21
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Dusky Dusky
Dusky Dusky

“When you book an Orange County escort,” Dusky says, “you’re getting a girl who’s always going to put you first. That’ a very big deal. My client gets to decide exactly what he wants, and then I do everything I can to make sure he’s happy and satisfied. What does he want to do? That’s what he gets. Where does he want to go? That’s where we go. There’s nothing we couldn’t conceivably do together. The limits are only your imagination and your budget. Whatever activity you want to do, see a show, go to a club, go out to dinner, spend some time sitting in a hot tub or just getting to know each other, whatever it is, we can do it. The opportunity to get to know somebody is a really big thrill. To be honest I think that might be my favorite part of being an Orange County escort. Everything you learn about a client is something new. When you first interact with them you’re at that stage where you get to know them for the first time. It’s very cool and I really enjoy it. I get to have a really good time when I go out, and I get to make my living that way too. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? I have something every day to look forward to. Every day is something new, something fun, and something exciting. We should all have the opportunity to wake up to that if you ask me.”

When Dusky really gets going, she likes to be seductive. “When I see a man, and I give him this look, I like to think I’ve got him right there,” she says. “I can let him know what I’m thinking just with my eyes. Anybody can turn a guy on by touching him, rubbing up against him, or talking dirty to him. I can snare a man just with the power of my incredible body, but getting up and just looking him in the eye and letting him know what’s what. That’s really special, I think. I’ve always thought so, at least. Call me!”